Magento Mass Importer 'Magmi' for Magento 2

v200.7.27 2020-09-01 09:00 UTC


This is fork from official magmi Github reposiotry ( This fork use version 0.7.23 of magmi with changes for Magento 2 imported from repositories:

We're accepting pull requests. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Magento CE 2 Support

Current version is in beta and tested only for import simple and configurable products, categories, images and simple-configurable links.

NOTICE: If you want to create URL rewrites please enable "On the fly indexer" plugin!

Known working plugins:

  • On the fly category creator/importer
  • On the fly indexer
  • Configurable Item processor
  • Image attributes processor


Magmi now features shared Magento authentication out of the box.

One can simply use their Magento administrative (backend) credentials to login to Magmi.

.ini File Warning

While the authentication protects your Magmi web interface from unauthorised logins, it doesn't protect you from a poorly configured server.

Magmi uses .ini files to store it's configuration, and some servers will serve these files as plain text files if the are requested directly.

There is never a reason to serve .ini files to end users on a Magento platform, so ensure that your server is configured not to!

Changelog form the base (Magento 1 version)

magmi-git 0.7.24

Security fix , remove magmi default authentication. Force usage of magento admin login.

magmi-git 0.7.23

The official Magmi Wiki is still hosted at SourceForge.