Module for Magento2 for mapping bestseller attribute on bestseller category.

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Module for Magento 2 responsible for automatically assign products with bestseller attribute to bestseller category.


PHP >= 8.1 Magento Open Source version >= 2.4.4

Main features

  1. Automatically add product with Bestseller attribute set on Yes to bestsellers category after product save
  2. Automatically remove product with Bestseller attribute set on No from bestsellers category after product save
  3. Automatically synchronize product with Bestseller attribute to bestsellers category in cronjob every day at 5:00 AM


  1. Using composer:
composer require macopedia/magento2-bestsellers
  1. Using zip file:
    1. Download zip file
    2. Extract module in directory app/code/Macopedia/Bestsellers

Enable module and install patches:

   bin/magento module:enable Macopedia_Bestsellers
   bin/magento setup:upgrade


  1. If you don't have category created - create Bestseller category in your Magento 2 instance
  2. Go to Stores > Configuration > Macopedia > Bestseller
  3. In group General choose Enabled to Yes to activate module
  4. In group Mappings select Bestseller Attribute - this attribute is created automatically and has name Bestseller
  5. In group Mappings select Bestseller Category - category which you decided to use as category for bestsellers
  6. Save configuration
  7. Clean configuration cache


  1. Go to product edit and open group Product Details
  2. Change Bestseller attribute value to Yes
  3. Save product


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Open Source License