Google Analytics for Laravel 5

v3.0.0 2020-10-16 11:04 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-16 13:43:14 UTC


Port of Laravel 4 bundle thujohn/analytics for Laravel 5+


Add m2quared/laravel-google-analytics to composer.json.

"m2quared/laravel-google-analytics": "^1.0"

Run composer update to pull down the latest release of Laravel Google Analytics.

Now open up config/app.php and add the service provider to your providers array.

    'providers' => [

Now add the alias.

    'aliases' => [
        'Analytics' => M2quared\Analytics\AnalyticsFacade::class,


Run php artisan vendor:publish and modify the config file config/google-analytics.php with your own information.


Querying the API for visits and pageviews in the last week.

More information about this calling the Google Analytics API can be found here https://developers.google.com/apis-explorer/#s/analytics/v3/analytics.data.ga.get

A list of all Google Analytics metrics can be found here https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/dimsmets

$site_id = Analytics::getSiteIdByUrl('http://github.com/'); // return something like 'ga:11111111'

$stats = Analytics::query($site_id, '7daysAgo', 'yesterday', 'ga:visits,ga:pageviews');