Gateway de pagamento com a plataforma Rede.

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Payment Gateway - E-Rede

This module provides a interface for communication with the payment gateway E-Rede.

For use this library, you need a install, by using GitHub or use composer.

For use composer, edit your composer.json and add line below:

"lzerma/rede-gateway": "stable"

After install the library, you can use setting a few objects to create a request and after send to the gateway.

Authentication object:

// Auth object
$auth = new Authetication();

In this case, I creating a new object with the acquirer code (providing by E-Rede) and the password (provinding by E-Rede).

Card data Object

// Card object
$card = new Card()


// In the CartTypes class, exists others methods for configure this object.

// Set card type operation (Credit ou Debit)

// Country of transaction

This lines above create a new card object with a many information, like a number of card, expiration date of card, security code of card, etc. You can find in a list of all parameters here.

For use boleto in your integration, you must need write the lines below:

// Boleto object
$boleto->setBillingStret1("No name street, n/a number");
$boleto->setInstructions("Few instructions for the bank employer.");
// Here you can set which processor bank you work. A list of all you find on the respective class. 

This lines configure one object with all information about the boleto request for sending to gateway e-rede.

ps: This properties listed above is only required properties and the list of all the properties you find here