A Symfony bundle to manage geographic entities like cities or countries.

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The Lyssal geography bundle permits to use and manipulate geographic data and langugages.



Read the installation documentation.


All entities have an entity manager (if you use LyssalDoctrineOrmBundle), a decorator and an appellation (if you use LyssalEntityBundle), and an admin (if you use SonataAdmin).

Entities are:

  • Country
  • AdministrativeArea (for states, French regions, etc)
  • SubAdministrativeArea (for counties, French departments, etc)
  • City
  • PostalCode
  • Language


Import data

Empty and fill data:

php bin/console lyssal:geography:database:fill --locale=fr

Available locales are fr (French) and en (English).

Warning: All datatables will be empty after the command's call.

The command fill:

  • All countries
  • The French regions with names in French
  • The French departments with names in French
  • The French cities with names in French, and postal codes


LyssalGeographyBundle use CVS from for countries, departments and cities.

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Execute :

phpdoc -c doc/phpdoc.tpl.xml