Adds Mailchimp eCommerce integration into Silvershop.

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dev-master 2018-12-07 18:52 UTC


Adds integration to Mailchimp API v3 eCommerce. (Work in progres)

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composer require "lundco/silvershop-mailchimp"

In your project YML-file, create the following (replacing XXX with your own data):

  ListId: 'XXXXXX'
  StoreDomain: 'XXXX'
  StoreId: 'XXX'

After installing the module, rebuild the database and create a store in MailChimp by running the task MailchimpStoreConnect.


To sync orders/products from Silvershop to Mailchimp make sure you setup a cronjob to run the MailchimpSync task.


  • Mark orders that was created by a Mailchimp campaign
  • Make it possible to signup to newsletter on checkout, and send data to Mailchimp with eCommerce data
  • Update to Silverstripe 4

Feel free to contribute to the project and send PR's.