Composer plugin for installing Bower packages

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Composer plugin for installing Bower packages

This Composer plugin allows you to declare, manage and install front-end packages from the Bower repository on your project using Composer.

Besides managing your main application's front-end packages, it also supports package dependencies, i.e. other installed composer packages may define their own bower dependencies.

This plugin will merge all bower dependencies and generate a bower.json file on the root directory of your project.

You should exclude this file from version control and you should refrain from modifying it, as you may loose any changes you make to it.


Dependencies are specified by an extra configuration section on your project's composer.json or on any packages' own composer.json.

bower.json files are neither required nor supported. This is by design. All configuration information comes from composer.json.

Supported configuration keys

  1. require
  2. require-dev
  3. overrides
  4. resolutions


root composer.json
"require": {
  "php-kit/composer-bower-plugin": "dev-master"
"extra": {
  "bower": {
    "require": {
      "bootstrap": "~3.3.5"
    "require-dev": {
      "jasmine": "~2.3.4"
    "overrides": {
      "datatables": {
        "main": "media/js/jquery.dataTables.js"
    "resolutions": {
      "ember": "1.5.1"
    "exclude": [

Target installation directory

The dependencies will be installed on vendor/bower_components by default. You can customize that location via a .bowerrc file. Refer to the Bower documentation.


The plugin updates bower dependencies whenever one or more packages are installed or removed.

You may then copy the relevant source code files from the installation directory to a public web directory, using your favorite build tool.


This library is open-source software licensed under the BSD-2-Clause license (see the accompanying COPYING file).

Copyright © 2015 by Impactwave Lda
Copyright © 2014 by Vivid Planet Software GmbH

This project started as a fork of composer-extra-assets plugin, but it has been extensively modified and it is, currently, no longer compatible with it.