A PHP library for parsing podcast feeds

1.2.0 2022-07-26 13:56 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-26 17:45:18 UTC


A PHP library for parsing Podcast XML/RSS feeds.


  • Get channel metadata, such as the title and description
  • Retrieve a list of the episodes
  • Supports iTunes metadata such as categories
  • Get artwork and media files
  • Sort episodes by their publication date, episode number or split into seasons


composer require lukaswhite/php-feed-parser


use Lukaswhite\PodcastFeedParser\Parser;

$parser = Parser();
$podcast = $parser->run();


$parser = Parser();
$parser->setContent(/** raw content */);
$podcast = $parser->run();

The run() method returns an instance of the Podcast class, on which the getEpisodes() method returns a collection of the podcast episodes.

Simple Example

This only shows a limited selection of the available fields; you'll find a complete list here.

$podcast = $parser->run();
$id = $db->insert(
        'title' =>  $podcast->getTitle(),
        'description' => $podcast->getDescription(),
        'artwork' => $podcast->getArtwork()->getUri(),

foreach($podcast->getEpisodes() as $episode) {
            'podcast_id' => $id,
            'guid' => $episode->getGuid(),
            'title' =>  $episode->getTitle(),
            'description' => $episode->getDescription(),
            'media_uri' => $podcast->getMedia()->getUri(),

return $podcast->getEpisodes()->mostRecent();