A Laravel package that checks e-mail addresses to see if they're disposable, are on a domain that's been blacklisted or from a provider of free addresses

1.1.0 2023-06-09 09:42 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-09 11:12:26 UTC


A Laravel package for checking e-mail addresses; to see if they've been issued by a provider of free/throwaway/disposable addresses, or are on a domain that's been blacklisted.

You may find it useful to try to combat spam and fake accounts; it ought to be straightforward to integrate it into the registration process.


The package needs to download the data provided by the freemail project. It's a very quick process; it just needs to know where to put the files.

By default, it'll put them in a directory named email-checker on your local disk, but feel free to tweak that. Just publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Lukaswhite\LaravelEmailChecker\LaravelEmailCheckerServiceProvider" 

Alternatively, simply add an entry to your .env file named EMAIL_CHECKER_DIRECTORY.

Then simply run the following command:

php artisan email-checker:install

Now you can check an e-mail address using the façade:

use Lukaswhite\LaravelEmailChecker\LaravelEmailChecker;

$result = LaravelEmailChecker::check('spammer@spammy.spam');

This returns an object with the following methods:

$result->isDisposable(); // true|false
$result->isFree(); // true|false
$result->isBlacklisted(); // true|false

Updating the Data

To ensure the data's up-to-date, simply run the following command. It should only take a few seconds, network speed permitting:

php artisan email-checker:update