PHP wrapper for the pdftoppm command which is part of poppler-utils.

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Convert a pdf to an image
PHP wrapper for the pdftoppm command which is part of poppler-utils.


Behind the scenes this package leverages pdftoppm. You can verify if the binary installed on your system by issueing this command:

which pdftoppm

If it is installed it will return the path to the binary.

To install the binary you can use this command on Ubuntu or Debian:

apt-get install poppler-utils

On a mac you can install the binary using brew

brew install poppler

If you're on RedHat or CentOS use this:

yum install poppler-utils

Available packages:


You can install the package via composer:

composer require lukasss93/pdf-to-ppm


Converting a pdf to an image is easy.

use Lukasss93\PdfToPpm\PdfToPpm;

$pdf = PdfToPpm::create()->setPdf($pathToPdf);
$pdf->saveImage($pathToWhereImageShouldBeStored); // it will save the first page

If the path you pass to saveImage has the extensions ppm, jpg, png or tif the image will be saved in that format. Otherwise the output will be a jpg.

Converting all pdf pages:

use Lukasss93\PdfToPpm\PdfToPpm;

$pdf = PdfToPpm::create()->setPdf($pathToPdf);

Other methods

You can get the total number of pages in the pdf:

$pdf->getNumberOfPages(); //returns an int

By default the first page of the pdf will be rendered. If you want to render another page you can do so:

    ->saveImage($pathToWhereImageShouldBeStored); // it saves the second page

You can override the output format:

    ->saveImage($pathToWhereImageShouldBeStored); // the output wil be a png, no matter what

You can set the resolution (default: 144):

$pdf->setResolution(200); // sets the resolution

You can save image to grayscale:

$pdf->setGray(true); // sets the grayscale


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