A webmozart/json service provider for Laravel

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A webmozart/json wrapper for Laravel Framework.


Use [Composer] to install the package:

$ composer require lukaserat/webmozart-json-laravel

Laravel Users

I just combined the two major classes webmozart/json has to offer, the Encoder and Decoder, for easy usage.

Just include the service provider and that's it.

// app/config/app.php
'providers' => [

Note: Facade will be automatically registered as 'JsonHelper'

When this provider is booted, you'll gain access on helpful functions from webmozart/json. See the example below:


Instead of this...

// somewhere in your application..
use Webmozart\Json\JsonEncoder;
$encoder = new JsonEncoder();

// Store JSON in string
$string = $encoder->encode($data);

// Store JSON in file
$encoder->encodeFile($data, '/path/to/file.json');

You can do it this way..

// Store JSON in string
$string = JsonHelper::encode($data);

// Store JSON in file
JsonHelper::encodeFile($data, '/path/to/file.json');

Webmozart/Json Usage

This is just a wrapper for Laravel. For more details about the webmozart/json go to its github page.