A skeleton for the Melody library.

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A skeleton for the Melody library.

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  • Configure multiple environments with PHP dotenv.
  • Manage your dependencies with PHP-DI.
  • Communicate to the database with Doctrine.
  • Display pages with Twig.
  • Define a routing strategy with ViaRouter.
  • Manage assets with Webpack.


1. Prerequisites

  • PHP (^8.0)
  • Composer
  • npm

2. Install Melody Skeleton

You can install Melody Skeleton using this Composer command:

composer create-project luhmm1/melody-skeleton:dev-master my-project

3. Install dependencies

To install the dependencies, run these two commands:

composer install & npm install

4. Compile assets

Before displaying your website, you need to compile the assets by running this command:

npm run build-prod


You can view the documentation on our official website.