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CakePHP Google plugin

1.0.2 2014-03-21 10:48 UTC



CakePHP v2.x


  1. Use composer. Add following to the composer.json file:

    "require": {
    	"lubos/google": "~1.0"

    And run php composer.phar update

  2. Install required plugins with all dependcies and configuration (done via composer)

  3. Connect google's account with your application

  4. Include needed model in your controller or anywhere you want to

    $uses = array('Google.GoogleDriveFiles');
    $data = $this->GoogleDriveFiles->listItems();
    debug ($data);
    $data = ClassRegistry::init('Google.GoogleDriveFiles')->listItems();
    debug ($data);


  1. Install CakePHP Google API Plugin sample

    git clone --recursive google-sample-app
  2. Create database & run bake, schema scripts

    # basic cakephp installation
    cd google-sample-app/app
    chmod -R 777 tmp
    Console/cake bake db_config
    # schema
    Console/cake schema create -p Opauth
  3. Configure - set google's credentials
    Copy bootstrap.php.default to bootstrap.php and add your client_id, client_secret. You can get these details at

    cp Config/bootstrap.php.default Config/bootstrap.php
    vim Config/bootstrap.php

Note You have to configure Opauth correctly