Wrapper for sinqro food market integration

v1.0.1 2021-12-01 14:43 UTC

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Last update: 2021-12-31 15:03:56 UTC


PHP wrapper for sinqro food market integration

Install and basic usage

Install with composer, requires PHP >8.0

composer require lsv/food-market-integration-wrapper

# Add a PSR 18 client, fx
composer require symfony/http-client
# If you add another PSR18 client, then look below on how to use other PSR 18 clients

Authenticate usage

use Lsv\FoodMarketIntegration\Authenticate;
use Lsv\FoodMarketIntegration\Request;

$userAccessToken = 'your user access token';
$serverAccessToken = 'your server access token';
$authenticate = new Authenticate($userAccessToken, $serverAccessToken);
// Your requests

And basic usage, to fetch an order

use Lsv\FoodMarketIntegration\Request;

$marketCodeIdentifier = 'your market code identifier';
$marketOrderIdentifier = 'order id';

$request = new Request\GetOrder($marketCodeIdentifier, $marketOrderIdentifier);
$response = $request->request();
# Response is now an object of Response\Order

For more usages, see below.




Order requests

Request Description Response
CancelOrder Cancel a order Order
GetOrder Get order by identifier Order
GetOrderStatus Get consumer order current status OrderStatus
PostOrder Create new order Order

Selling point requests

Request Description Response
GetMarketSellingPoint Get market selling point by id SellingPoint
GetMarketSellingPoints Get all market selling points array of SellingPoint
GetSellingPointAvailability Return information about selling point services SellingPointAvailability
GetSellingPointClosingExceptions Get selling point next closing exceptions array of SellingPointException
GetSellingPointMenus Get menus array of Menu
GetSellingPointMenusAvailability Get menus with availability array of Menu
GetSellingPointZonesAndTables Get all the restaurant zones and tables ServiceZone

Use another PSR18 HTTP Client

If you dont want to use symfony/http-client implementation, you can easily change it to another one.

You can use a http client from this list - These are all PSR18 http client implementations.

use Lsv\FoodMarketIntegration\Request;

$client = $YourPSR18Client;
// Your requests