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PHP Thrift Client for Impala and Hive Queries

v0.2.1 2016-11-21 10:26 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-16 03:41:06 UTC


The ThriftSQL.phar archive aims to provide access to SQL-on-Hadoop frameworks for PHP. It bundles Thrift and various service packages together and exposes a common interface for running queries over the various frameworks.

Currently the following engines are supported:

  • Hive -- Over the HiveServer2 Thrift interface, SASL is enabled by default so username and password must be provided however this can be turned off with the setSasl() method before calling connect().
  • Impala -- Over the Impala Service Thrift interface which extends the Beeswax protocol.

Usage Example

// Load this lib
require_once __DIR__ . '/ThriftSQL.phar';

// Try out a Hive query
$hive = new \ThriftSQL\Hive( '', 10000, 'user', 'pass' );
$hiveTables = $hive
  ->queryAndFetchAll( 'SHOW TABLES' );
print_r( $hiveTables );

// Try out an Impala query
$impala = new \ThriftSQL\Impala( '' );
$impalaTables = $impala
  ->queryAndFetchAll( 'SHOW TABLES' );
print_r( $impalaTables );

// Don't forget to clear the client and close socket.