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Package for handling seo meta tags in Laravel apps


Via Composer

$ composer require am2studio/laravel-seo-meta


First run migration for this package (src/migration/):

Schema::create('seo_metas', function (Blueprint $table) {


For each model which that use seo meta add trait "SeoMetaTrait" and implement interface "SeoMetaInterface"

use AM2Studio\Laravel\SeoMeta\SeoMetaTrait;
use AM2Studio\Laravel\SeoMeta\SeoMetaInterface;

class User implements  SeoMetaInterface
    use SeoMetaTrait;

Interface "SeoMetaInterface" have 2 function that model need to implement "seoMetasConfig()" and "seoMetas()"

seoMetasConfig() is configuration for meta data for model

seoMetas() is "hasMany" relation to seoMetas of model

public function seoMetasConfig()
	return [
		'title'         => ['generator' => 'example.com - '. $this->title],
		'description'   => ['generator' => 'green-rush.com - '. $this->title . ' - ' . $this->short_description,],
		'keywords'      => ['generator' => 'greenrush, dispensary, ' . $this->title . ', ' . $this->short_description,
		'edit'=> false],
		'og:image'      => ['generator' => ["http://i.stack.imgur.com/hEobN.jpg", "http://i.stack.imgur.com/hEobN2.jpg"]],
		'twitter:site'  => [],

public function seoMetas()
	return $this->hasMany(SeoMeta::class, 'model_id')->where(['model_type' => __CLASS__]);

Each seo meta that you want model to use must be fefined here. List of possible seo meta tags:

title						-> string
description					-> string
keywords           			-> string
canonical      				-> string
article:published_time		-> string
article:section				-> string
og:description				-> string
og:title					-> string
og:url               		-> string
og:type             		-> string
og:locale           		-> string
og:locale:alternate			-> array
og:site_name        		-> string
og:image         			-> array
og:image:url       			-> array
og:image:size       		-> string
twitter:card       			-> string
twitter:title      			-> string
twitter:site				-> string

For each seo meta in config you define generator(how seo meta will be generated) and edit (if seo meta can be edited or will be always generated on model save, default - true)

Show form for meta seo deta on model:

{!! \AM2Studio\Laravel\SeoMeta\SeoMetaHelper::form($dispensary) !!}

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