Interactive debug shell for eZ Publish 5+ apps. Uses PsySH.

v2.0 2017-07-12 20:38 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-06 21:27:36 UTC


eZ Debug Shell is an interactive CLI debugger for eZ Platform. It is built on top of PsySH and thus acts as a Read-eval-print-loop (aka repl).

It allows you to debug live code in the context of an eZ Publish application, avoiding to create CLI commands.


Global install (recommended)

composer global require lolautruche/ezsh:^2.0

v1.0 is compatible with eZ Publish 5.3+ while v2.0 is only compatible with eZ Platform.

This will install ezsh executable into the ~/.composer/vendor/bin folder.

For ezsh to work properly without hassle, ensure you have ~.composer/vendor/bin in your $PATH:

export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin

Project install

You can install ezsh binary in your eZ project with Composer:

composer require lolautruche/ezsh:^2.0


  ezsh [--siteaccess=<siteaccess_name>] [--env=<env>] [--debug] [--version] [--help] [user_login]

  --siteaccess    -s SiteAccess to use (e.g. ezdemo_site). If not provided, fallbacks to configured default SiteAccess.
  --env           -e Environment to use (defaults to "dev").
  --debug         -d Use debugging if provided. Debug is always on with "dev" environment.
  --help          -h Display this help message.
  --version       -v Display the PsySH version.
  --config        -c Use an alternate PsySH config file location.
  user_login      User login (i.e. username) to use to authenticate against the repository. If not provided, anonymous user will be used.

Important: To be able to use ezsh, you first need to be in your eZ project root:

cd /my/ezpublish/root
ezsh --siteaccess=my_siteaccess

This will display something like:

Debugging eZ Publish using 'my_siteaccess' SiteAccess, in 'dev' environment.
Psy Shell v0.8.9 (PHP 7.0.19 — cli) by Justin Hileman

Starting from here, you'll be able to evaluate any kind of code in the context of your project.

Available variables

Some variables are already set for you, like the service container, the ConfigResolver and the Repository:

Variable Description
$container Instance of Symfony ServiceContainer. Get your services with it
$kernel Instance of your EzPublishKernel
$repository Instance of the eZ Content repository (to use API)
$contentService The ContentService
$contentTypeService The ContentTypeService
$locationService The LocationService
$searchService The SearchService
$userService The UserService
$configResolver The ConfigResolver (to get SiteAccess aware settings)


From the debug shell, you can define any kind of functions, loops, conditions...
For more information see PsySH documentation.

Debugging eZ Platform using 'default' SiteAccess, in 'dev' environment.

Psy Shell v0.1.12 (PHP 5.5.15 — cli) by Justin Hileman
>>> $repository
=> <eZPublishCoreSignalSlotRepository_000000001c2171540000000109a6622a #000000005890a1640000000113a69e24> {}
>>> $contentInfo = $contentService->loadContentInfo(2926);
=> <eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo #2926, Wheelchair Barleywine {
       id: 2926,
       contentTypeId: 40,
       name: "Wheelchair Barleywine",
       sectionId: 1,
       currentVersionNo: 1,
       published: true,
       ownerId: 14,
       modificationDate: <DateTime #00000000588e6c020000000142ceef3a> {
           date: "2014-08-28 10:32:44.000000",
           timezone_type: 3,
           timezone: "Europe/Paris"
       publishedDate: <DateTime #00000000588e6c0c0000000142ceef3a> {
           date: "2014-08-28 10:32:44.000000",
           timezone_type: 3,
           timezone: "Europe/Paris"
       alwaysAvailable: 0,
       remoteId: "beer-d7nEsv",
       mainLanguageCode: "eng-GB",
       mainLocationId: "2928"

>>> $configResolver->getParameter('languages');
=> [