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A more useful Link

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0.3.7 2019-07-18 17:27 UTC

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A more useful Link

I don't want to store URLs for local content in the database: Neither do you. This allows you to store links to any kind of content in a better, safer way. It also allows you to define a bit of link metadata (i.e. text, target, etc).


  • Select the content and taxonomy types you want to link to!
  • Never store URLs in the database (all links are created at page-load)!
    • Well, except for uri links, which are URLs by definition.
      • ...But it does try and guess if uri links are local, and saves them without a host if they are (so you don't end up with staging URLs on production).
  • Filter everything (future release)
  • Add your own link types on the fly (future release)


It's just a WordPress plugin, so plug it in!

Once you've done that, just add a Zelda field and then call it in your template like you'd do with any other ACF field:

// page-template.php
// <a href="/posts/a-post-you-linked-to" class="field-class class-the-user-set">Link Text!</a>

This is the default behavior. You can also return a url or the array stored in the databased by setting return_format to url or array.