Build time configuration validation for SilverStripe framework.

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SilverStripe Config Validator

A module for validating SilverStripe configuration at build time.

Screenshot of config validation failure screen


Require via composer and run /dev/build?flush=all. This is a zero-configuration installation.

composer require littlegiant/silverstripe-config-validator

Validating configuration

Configuration is validated by implementing the OwnConfigValidator or ClassConfigValidator interfaces.

If class MyClass validates configuration of itself, it should implement OwnConfigValidator.

If class MyClass validates configuration of one or more other classes (e.g. MyOtherClass), it should implement ClassConfigValidator and its getConfigValidatedClasses() method should return an array containing MyOtherClass::class. This is a good way to incrementally add validation to configuration for vendor-provided (e.g. core / module) classes without having to submit changes to those packages.

The implementation of these interfaces is not exclusive (i.e. a class can implement both interfaces and it will validate itself and the other classes.)

Configuration is validated by adding any errors via ClassConfigValidationResult::addError(). If any config validation fails, /dev/build will abort before database building, displaying all config validation errors to be corrected.