Simple PHP assistance classes

1.0beta 2019-11-20 05:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-25 07:42:59 UTC


Install: composer require linkuha/helpers:dev-master

List of components:

  • ArrayHelper - imported from Yii framework, allow to reindex/group arrays values
  • ConfigBase - object for config
  • ConfigHelper - read/write array config
  • CurlHelper - convenient wrapper for curl and some methods
  • ErrorHelper - allow to log debug info (traceroute) for functions
  • FileHelper - allow to find files, read a text file tail, write/read with locking. You can use any more interest libraries like symfony's filesystem and finder
  • IpHelper - allow to check if IP address is part of subnets. Usable for detect concrete provider for example
  • RequestHelper - $_SERVER globals handlers
  • RetryHelper - allow to looping running a code if it fails
  • StreamHelper - now 1 method, and not best variant: for get status code of URL with sockets
  • SystemHelper - just to get OS name
  • UserAgentHelper - allow to retrieve random real User-Agent string
  • VersionHelper - for increase/decrease semantic versions (using third SemVer library)

Short helpers included as separate functions:

  • env() - get environment value
  • head() / last() - array access aliases
  • retry() - short retry code version wit goto operator
  • include_from() - include scope
  • is_console() - detect if CLI application now
  • pre_r() - wrap to PRE tag for clean printing