Vault: Store confidential data in version control

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Securely store confidential information (passwords, ssl certificates, keys) in version control

Installing Vault

Vault is a tiny CLI application that you can add to your projects by adding the following line to your composer.json:

"require": {
    "linkorb/vault": "~1.0"

Run composer update to install the new project dependency

Using Vault

Vault works with 2 directories:

  • The vault directory (default vault/): this directory stores the confidential information in encrypted form
  • The secure directory (default secure/): this directory contains your confidential files in unencrypted form, so that your application can use it. This directory will not be committed to version control, and should be added to your .gitignore file.

To start, create both directories, and put a confidential file in your secure/ directory.

Type the following command, to encrypt all files in your secure/ directory, and store then in the vault/ directory:

vendor/bin/vault encrypt

Vault will ask for a password that will be used for encryption.

You can now check which files are stored in the vault using:

vendor/bin/vault ls

To echo the contents of a single file from vault, run:

vendor/bin/vault cat test.txt

Add your secure/ directory to .gitignore, and commit the files in the vault/ directory.

To use the files on another computer, use git pull to get the new files in the vault/ directory, and run the following command to decrypt them into the new local secure/ directory:

vendor/bin/vault decrypt

Vault will ask for a password again, and extract the files one by one into the secure/ directory, so they can be used.

If you make any changes to files in the secure/ directory, make sure to run vault encrypt again to update the contents in vault/ so they can be sent to your version control system.


  • Make vault/ and secure/ directories configurable through a Vaultfile
  • Allow configurations of used encryption methods
  • Add a diff command, to check changes between vault and secure directories


MIT. Please refer to the license file for details.

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