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Tweak: Define and manage settings in your application

v1.0.0 2016-09-21 07:54 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-08-29 01:23:40 UTC


Please refer to test/test.php for example usage:


  • Documented plugin or module settings
  • Feature-flags, toggles, etc
  • Application configuration
  • Theme/template/layout tweaks


  • Allows you to create setting definitions for UI generation, documentation, option lists, validation, sanity checks
  • Define settings from code or load them from a .yaml file
  • Setting values can be loaded from various sources (currently .json and .yaml supported)
  • Hiera-style cascading configs based on context. For example: load app-specific, override for environment, and override again for current user.
  • MultiLoader to support misc backends at the same time


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