Tagliatelle: PDF generator for price-tags, badges, labels, etc

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Tagliatelle allows you to define templates and page formats, and generate PDF labels based on record data (a csv, array, etc).

Usage as a command-line tool

After cloning this repository to your local machine, make sure to install the dependencies:

composer install

Then you can invoke Tagliatelle from the commandline as follows:

./bin/tagliatelle example/template.xml example/page.xml example/data.csv output.pdf

You can inspect the example/template.xml and example/page.xml to see how this works. The example/data.csv file simply contains some test data that you can use.

Calling the above command will generate a new output.pdf, that you can preview like this:

open output.pdf

Usage as a library

Add the following to your composer.json of your project:

"require": {
    "linkorb/tagliatelle": "~1.0"

Run composer update to install the new project dependency.

Next, refer to the example/ directory to see how to use the library.

You can either manually construct the templates and pages (example/manual.php) or use the included loaders to load the template and page formats from xml files (example/loaders.php).


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