Toolkit for managing style-guides, policies and rule-books

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Styleguide toolkit for X (everything)


  • Language styleguides (i.e. php, javascript, markdown, etc)
  • Organization specific coding conventions
  • File formatting styleguides (i.e. whitepace usage in YAML files, etc)
  • Technical writing style guide
  • Tone-of-Voice style guide
  • Branding style guide (usage of logos, brand colors, fonts, etc)


Globally install stylex through composer:

composer global require linkorb/stylex

Now cd into a -style-guide directory and run:

stylex template path-to-my-templates build/

The template command will load the style guide files (yaml, json, md, etc) from the current directory, and run them through the (handlebars) templates in your template directory. The generated output files will be saved in build/


Check out the example/ directory.

To build this style-guide, simply run:

cd example/
../bin/stylex template ../templates/basic/ build/
open build/

Awesome style guides:

Want to suggest other awesome style guides for this sections? Just send a PR!


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