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OpenKVK library and commmand-line tools

dev-master 2014-09-26 05:34 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-29 01:48:35 UTC


This repository contains a simple PHP client for the API.

How to use it as a library

Simply include the library through composer:

"linkorb/openkvk": "dev-master"

After this, you can instantiate and use the client as follows:

// Instantiate the client
$client = new \OpenKvk\Client();

// Get data by Kvk nr
$csv = $client->getByKvk("24365015");

// Convert into a PHP array
$data = $client->csvToArray($csv);

// Output array
print_r($data); // Outputs array by key/value

How to use it as a command line utility

The included bin/openkvk command is based on the Symfony Console component

Example usage:

bin/openkvk # output available options
bin/openkvk openkvk:getbykvk 24365015 # get info by kvk number
bin/openkvk openkvk:getbyname "LinkORB" # get info by companyname
bin/openkvk openkvk:getbysbi 85.59.2 # get info by SBI (85592 = business training and education)


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