Database connection config resolver

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Connector helps you to manage your app's database connection configurations in dynamic environments.

Your app simply requests a configuration from connector by a name.

Connector will resolve the name into a full database configuration object with properties like username, password, address, port, protocol etc.

Connector then helps you to turn this Config object into a PDO connection.

Next to the common Config properties, Connector also allows you to define custom properties on a a database config instance. These custom properties can then be used by your app to configure the application behaviour.

Cascading configuration

A configuration may define connection properties directly, or refer to a server and/or cluster by name.

This enables cascading configuration at 3 levels:

  • db
  • server
  • cluster

Using this feature you can define the server or cluster at the db level, and configure address, username, password, port and custom properties at a higher level. This way you can quickly mass-reconfigure all dbs on a given server or cluster.


Please refer to examples/ for usage examples


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