Syncs your domain mapped domains with your Heroku app

v0.7.1 2014-08-29 05:57 UTC


syncs wordpress multisite domains with a heroku app


  1. Copy the plugin directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Network Activate the plugin
  3. Update configs, we have two options 3.a Using the main wp site, set the heroku api credentials and the app name 3.b using heroku, add the config environment variables, WPMS_HEROKU_API & WPMS_HEROKU_APPNAME with their values as your heroku settings.

  • note: if the heroku environment variables is set (3.b), plugin will use that regardless of what is set on the WP plugin settings (3.a)


Cron setup

  • this uses WP_Cron, it will execute the sync process once every minute.
  • Since WP_cron is not the conventional crons (crontab) execution may not be within the prefered schedule. It relies on the visitor traffic. For performance concern and to do a "real" cron job, Disable the wp_cron in wp_config.php by adding the following define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true);. a. for heroku users, just add the following to the scheduler add-on curl and specify the time you want it to be executed. b. for non-heroku users (unix), just add it to your crons using crontab e.g. * * * * * curl

Cron Deactivation

  • to deactivate the cron, simply network deactivate the plugin.

Heroku logging