A Form which provides a Honeypot field to trick bots, and reduce spam.

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Last update: 2024-07-07 03:04:09 UTC


Honeypot Form

A form which provides a honeypot field and methods to check it. This field is an input field in the form that human users are instructed not to fill out. In any case, the field is normally hidden from the users. Spambots will typically fill out all fields, and so we can check if this field has been filled when it shouldn't have.


Install this in your SilverStripe checkout wherever you like. Or use Composer..


Wherever you'd normally use a Form, you may now use a HoneypotForm. You can inherit from it or use it in-place.

In your controller's init method, you'll probably want to call the following


which will add CSS to the page in order to hide the honeypot field from the user.


To check if the 'fly' has fallen into the honeypot, ie if a spambot is using the form, use the following in your form processing function.

    public function myFormSubmission($data, $form) {
        if ($form->validateHoneypot($data)) {
            // User is either a bot, or very bad at following instructions!
            // ...
        } else {
            // The form looks okay
            /// ...

Bot tricks

To try to make it harder for the bots, the field name and class changes all the time, so they can't simply avoid fields of class 'honeypot' or something like this.