Extracts microdata from HTML using PHP.

2.0.2 2014-09-03 07:16 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-16 05:52:04 UTC


Microdata is a syntax for embedding machine-readable metadata in HTML.

MicrodataPHP is a PHP library for extracting microdata from HTML documents. It is inspired by MicrodataJS, which is inspired by the native Microdata DOM API.

Example use:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use linclark\MicrodataPHP\MicrodataPhp;

$url = '';
$md = new MicrodataPhp($url);
$data = $md->obj();

// Get a property of a top level item.
print $data->items[0]->properties['name'][0];

// Get a property of a nested item.
print $data->items[0]->properties['hiringOrganization'][0]->properties['name'][0];


  • Autoloading (e.g. the autoloader provided by Composer)
  • PHP 5.3+

Check out the 1.x branch for older setups.