This library extension provides a set of adaptors to the LiipDrupalRegistryModule.

v0.9.0 2013-10-05 12:40 UTC


This library is an extension to the LiipDrupalRegistryModule. It introduces a number of adaptors to be able to integrate the registry with a number of external services; like Elasticsearch.

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The source is now PSR-0 compatible. There is no specific installation routine to be followed. Just clone or checkout the source into to your project and use it. In case you don't use a PSR-0 compatible autoloader, you only have to add the bootstrap.php into your bootstrap or autoloader.


Add the following lines to your composer.json file and update your project's composer installation.

    "require": {
       "liip/registryadaptor": "dev-master"

This composer configuration will checkout the 'cutting edge' version ('dev-master') of the project. Be warned that this might be broken sometimes.

NOTE: In case you do not know what this means the composer project website is a good place to start.


Thus I recommend the composer way to make LiipDrupalRegistryModule a dependency to your project. The sources are also available via github. Just clone it as you might be familiar with.

$ git clone


  • Assert
  • ProxyObject (optional)