The DrupalConnector Module is an abstraction layer to the Drupal 7 API of global functions in order to use them in an OOD setup.

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v1.0.1 2013-08-20 13:45 UTC

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##Purpose Doing quite a number of Drupal projects we found out that for our developers the procedural nature of Drupal is always an obstacle. Furthermore as they are used to at least unit test their code, they always complain about the tight coupling and 'invisible' dependencies you have to agree on when using the Drupal functions, we had to come up with some kind on an abstraction layer to instantiate a dedicated border between our and the Drupal world - the LiipDrupalConnectorModule was born.

##Obtain sources

The complete list of where and how to get your hands on the project sources read the corresponding wiki page.

For the impatient, there two major ways to download/import the sources into your project.

Get it from

To obtain the sources via composer add the following lines to your composer.json file or complete the list of dependencies.

"require": {
    "liip/drupalconnectormodule": "1.*"

Then execute the following commands on the command line:

$> curl -s | php
$> php composer.phar install

Get it from github

If you consider participating and contribute to the connector the best way to start is by forking the repository. For further information how to start contributing and how things are done please refer to Participate and contribute.

Getting started

Sources fetched? Brilliant.. now we can start using the connector.

So much for a short example. Again the wiki is much more verbose.