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A SilverStripe module for syncing videos with Youtube

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0.1.4 2018-04-03 08:48 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-25 06:04:44 UTC


YoutubeSync is the module of your choice, if you like to show your youtube videos on your homepage. It allows you to fetch videos from Youtube by just giving your username and a valid API key. The videos are stored in the database with a custom DataObject, so the API must not be called on every page load.



composer require level51/silverstripe-youtubesync 


  1. Be sure that the module is in a folder youtubesync/ on the root of the project.
  2. sake dev/build "flush=all", depending on your config you might have to do this via URI in the browser.
  3. Checkout the google developers console and:
    • Activate the YouTube Data API
    • Create a API key (Browser key) in the Credentials section
  4. Go to the CMS settings and put your key and username in the Youtube tab
  5. Take a look in the Youtube model admin ... and sync for the first time
  6. You can use the videos in your pages - all you need is a getter - or you can take a look in the basic YoutubeVideoPage contained in the module


  • Fetching your Youtube videos - by just giving your username and a valid API key
  • A YoutubeVideo DataObject for storage in the database
  • A GridField action that allows you to sync with youtube
  • The sync is done manually in the backend - so it's not necessary to call the API on each pageload
  • The title and description of the fetched videos can be edited - and will not be overwritten on the next sync
  • Thanks to the sortablegridfield module the records are also sortable
  • A checkbox allows you to hide some videos
  • A model admin for the whole process
  • A basic page type, that shows the usage (including a basic template)