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A small SilverStripe module for adding multiple default admins through environment config. Comes handy for dev teams!

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dev-master 2015-10-22 12:24 UTC

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composer require level51/more-admins

If you don't like composer you can just download and unpack it to more-admins/ under the root of your SilverStripe project.


  1. Install the module properly
  2. Extend your _ss_environment.php file with multiple admin credentials, e.g.:
$_DEFAULT_ADMINS['root@root.de'] = 'root';
$_DEFAULT_ADMINS['test@test.de'] = 'mypw1';

Do a dev/build?flush=all and you are done!


If your are using this module you do not need to specify a default admin the default way via Security::setDefaultAdmin() or the constants SS_DEFAULT_ADMIN_USERNAME and SS_DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD since the module will use the first entry in the $_DEFAULT_ADMINS array if there is no default admin, yet.

If you want to use it with basic auth you can specify the realm message in the prompt via the config API:

  default_realm: 'This site is protected. You need to enter admin credentials.'