Silverstripe Podcast Integration

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Silverstripe Podcast let you manage Series & Episodes per ModelAdmin and present those per ElementPodcast Elemental Block. It's supposed to integrates with "Spotify Podcast", "iTunes Podcast" & "Google Podcast" and offers schema integration.

This module is inspired from https://github.com/lukereative/silverstripe-podcast but since I didn't want it to be page based, "phansys/getid3" integration didn't work and other parts just didn't fit to what I needed, this came to existence. ATM it's coupled with my project-setup lerni/ootstra.


  • dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental ^4
  • james-heinrich/getid3: ^2 - v2.0.0-beta3 // 2.0.x-dev at the time of writing



Composer is the recommended way installing Silverstripe modules.

composer require lerni/podcast

Run dev/build

Getting started / Usage



  • decoupling form lerni/ootsra
    • Urlify & meta translations
    • PerLineText is missing
  • get ID3 Tags in onBefore Write if fields are empty & save all with button instead of getting
  • allow external URLs/Videos