A index search plugin for TYPO3 Neos

1.1.0 2014-04-23 10:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-10 12:01:40 UTC


This plugin adds IndexedSearch to your websites.

Important note: Initial package development was done when TYPO3 Neos was at alpha3/4. We are working hard continuously to get this to work perfectly and to beautify source code using best practices/concepts of Flow/Neos. Stay tuned!
Note: This package does database query for search result and not indexed yet.

Quick start

  • include the plugin's Stylesheet to your own one's where you add other stylesheets of the site.
<link href="{f:uri.resource(path: 'resource://Lelesys.Plugin.IndexedSearch/Public/Stylesheets/IndexedSearch.css')}" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
  • include the plugin's Javascript to your own one's where you add other javascript of the site.
<script src="{f:uri.resource(path: 'resource://Lelesys.Plugin.IndexedSearch/Public/JavaScript/IndexedSearch.js')}"></script>
  • you can add search box in two ways:
  • add the plugin content element "Indexed Search Box" to the position of your choice, to add search box.(Note: Refresh the page so that error will go and you can see search box)
  • render the plugin using typoscript (located in, for example, Packages/Sites/Your.Site/Resources/Private/TypoScript/Root.ts2) with: object = Lelesys.Plugin.IndexedSearch:IndexedSearch (Note: Currently the is not working fine.)
  • Add a plugin content element "Plugin View" on the page of you choice and select master view as "Indexed Search Box" on page "some page" and select plugin view as "Search Result".