News plugin for Neos

3.0.1 2018-01-25 15:24 UTC


Please find documentation at following link:


Even though it is for the first version, it still is valid.

Using Elasticsearch

To speed up handling of news filtering and sorting, using Elasticsearch is recommended.

If you have the installed flowpack/elasticsearch-contentrepositoryadaptor (and its dependencies), news will be indexed correctly. If you already have created news before installing the Elasticsearch adaptor, run ./flow nodeindex:build to create the index.

The configure the plugin to use Elasticsearch to fetch the news add this to your TypoScript:

prototype(Lelesys.News:List) {
    newsCollection = Lelesys.News:ElasticsearchNewsCollector

prototype(Lelesys.News:Latest) {
    newsCollection.value.@process.slice = ${value.limit(String.toInteger(configuration.numberOfItems))}
    newsCollection.value.@process.toArray = ${value.toArray()}
    newsCollection.value.@process.toArray.@position = 'after execute'

The list view fetches a maximum of 1000 items (before pagination is applied!), this can be adjusted with:

newsCollection = Lelesys.News:ElasticsearchNewsCollector {
    value.@process.limit = ${value.limit(42)}

To enable logging of the queries sent to Elasticsearch (Data/Logs/ElasticSearch.log), you can do:

newsCollection = Lelesys.News:ElasticsearchNewsCollector {
    value.@process.log = ${value.log()}
    value.@process.log.@position = 'before execute'

Similarly you can adjust the query by adding further filters, the value in the collector is an instance of the ElasticSearchQueryBuilder:

newsCollection = Lelesys.News:ElasticsearchNewsCollector {
    # exclude "hidden in menu" entries from the List`s news collection
    value.@process.filterHiddenInIndex= ${value.queryFilter('term', {'_hiddenInIndex': true}, 'must_not')}
    value.@process.filterHiddenInIndex.@position = 'before execute'