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3.0.3 2021-11-15 13:26 UTC

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Last update: 2022-04-30 15:40:36 UTC


Add a soft delete behaviour to your dataobjects. Objects are simply marked as deleted and kept in the database.

Soft delete will follow the same permissions patterns as delete.

ModelAdmin and SecurityAdmin are extended to add a new GridField action that replace the default delete action

This module depends on lekoala/silverstripe-cms-actions for displaying delete buttons

How to use

Simply replace your calls from delete to softDelete.

New extensions hooks are provided to avoid side effects (onBeforeSoftDelete, onAfterSoftDelete). These are ideals if you have child records that need to be soft deleted with their parent.

Config options

    softdelete_from_list: true
    softdelete_from_list_exclude: []
        - SoftDeleteModelAdmin
    softdelete_from_list: true
    softdelete_from_list_exclude: []
        - SoftDeleteSecurityAdmin

You can configure:

  • softdelete_from_list: show delete button on a line. Enabled by default.
  • softdelete_from_list_exclude: hide the delete button for these classes even if enabled globally

Prevent accidental deletion

By default, the module will prevent any delete from happening. To allow deletion, you must set

SoftDeletable:$prevent_delete = false

The only way from the CMS UI to delete a record is to go to a soft deleted record and click "Really delete" which will call "forceDelete" on the record.

Disable filtering

You can disable filtering globally, using

SoftDeletable::$disable = true

Or at query level



Tested with 4.4+


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be