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Exo theme for SilverStripe

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dev-master 2021-05-17 12:00 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-17 14:12:15 UTC


A simple theme for SilverStripe for a typical, modern, corporate website.

This theme can be used to test your projects with a (more) realistic front end.

Main features

  • Bootstrap 5.0.1
  • Bootstrap icons 1.5 as a custom element
  • Google fonts
  • No jQuery!
  • Lazy loaded images
  • Swiper, AOS, Parallax
  • Linea icon set as a custom element

Install the theme

Automatic install

Simply run composer require lekoala/silverstripe-exo-theme and you should be good to go!

Manual install

Copy the theme into the themes/ directory of your SilverStripe project. If you've named it correctly, there should be a directory called themes/exo/templates.


All the templates expect top level Page classes. If you use namespaced classes or custom controllers, you can render with

return $this->renderWith(["HomePage", "Page"]);

Providing data

The theme expect some globally available variables to be defined


Here is a sample SiteConfig. Make sure you define these fields or alias them properly.

You can mock the config with the following function

public function SiteConfig()
    return new ArrayData([
        'Title' => "My Demo Website",
        'Logo' => [
            'URL' => '/resources/app/images/logo/sample-logo.png'
        'ContactPhone' => "(1) 123 456",
        'ContactEmail' => "demo@example.com",
        'ContactAddress' => "Some street, 0<br/>AZ42 Some place",
        'FacebookLink' => "#",
        'TwitterLink' => "#",
        'InstagramLink' => "#",
        'Favicon' => [
            'MaskColor' => '#5bbad5',
            'ThemeColor' => '#ffffff',
            'AppleIconURL' => '/resources/app/images/favicon/apple-touch-icon.png',
            'Favicon32URL' => '/resources/app/images/favicon/favicon-32x32.png',
            'Favicon16URL' => '/resources/app/images/favicon/favicon-16x16.png',


Make sure you can access all single page type with a getter on the page controller: ContactPage => returns a Contact page instance

Footer Menus

In the footer, provide a list of menus with FooterMenus


Define section to see the appear. See the templates for more details on how they are used


  • Make things more configurable (eg: provide custom shapes, colors, etc)
  • Test with actual blog module (currently it's simply mocked)
  • Minimize css even more by reducing unused bootstrap components


This theme is heavily based on Exomac theme https://themeforest.net/item/exomac-corporate-business-bootstrap-5-template/29347615

However, it has been stripped from extra features and been heavily optimized for a more generic usage


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be


This module is licensed under the MIT license.