Check your composer project for security vulnerabilities

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Last update: 2024-07-21 04:39:22 UTC


This is a re-implementation of the SensioLabs Security Checker, and it's web API ( with 100% free and open source code.

It was created after the sunsetting of the free as in beer service that provided security checks for Composer projects in anticipation of replacing it with one that imposed strict rate limits unless you paid up.

The requirements for this project are:

  • Fully local, any server is optional
  • Uses the same security-advisories database
  • Minimal dependencies for easy auditing and deployment
  • 100% identical to the existing, proprietary service
  • Licensed under a strong copyleft license to keep the project free

There are currently two dependencies:

  • composer/semver - A component of Composer, required for parsing version
  • symfony/yaml - Part of the Symfony project, required for parsing yaml files.

To set up, copy config.ini.example to config.ini, and update the location of where the security advisories are located. You probably want to set up a cron job to automatically git pull that repository.

This project is released under the AGPL, v3 or any later version. See COPYING for more details.