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Legal web cloud integration for Typo 3

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dev-master 2021-03-22 16:19 UTC

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The typo3 extension for the easy plug 'n play solution for legal compliance of legal web.

Getting started

  1. Install the extension with your Typo3 extension manager. Search for "legal web typo3"
  2. Obtain your license
  3. Add the plugin constants to the template constants to manage it with the Typo3 constant editor [according to this manual] (
  4. Configure the typoscript parameters to set GUID and enabling the cookie popup (PLUGIN.TX_LEGALWEBTYPO3_PI1)
  5. Add Content Elements to your page to render imprint, privacy policy and more


Please create an issue if you have any troubles with the plugin or would like to give us any feedback. Thanks!