A library for the definition and execution of job flows

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LeapHub flow allows you to define and execute job flows by specifying an arbitrary amount of jobs and their pre and post conditions.



  1. Create the jobs to be executed

  2. Instantiate them and specify pre and post conditions

  3. Execute the flow


The library provides a number of events which allow you to hook into the flow execution process. The following events are triggered during the execution of a flow:

  • flow.flow_exec.started: Immediately before a flow is executed.
  • flow.flow_exec.finished: After all job of a flow have successfully been executed.
  • flow.job_exec.started: Immediately before a job in a flow is executed.
  • flow.job_exec.finished: After a job in a flow has successfully been executed.

For more information on the flow events see Leaphub\Flow\Event\FlowEvents.

Running the tests

If the dev-dependencies are installed via composer, the test suite can be executed using:

bin/phpunit -c phpunit.xml.dist --coverage-html ./coverage


  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a branch for your contribution e.g. my-awesome-feature
  3. Mage your changes (Follow the git commenting guidelines and code style)
  4. Run the tests to ensure everything works fine
  5. Crate a pull request