Simple flat-file pages for UserFrosting 4

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Simple flat-file page manager for UserFrosting 4. Drop any markdown file in your sprinkle and access them directly inside your UserFrosting installation. Support custom templates and sprinkle priority. It's just like a mini Grav site, directly inside UserFrosting.

This sprinkles requires UserFrosting 4.1 or newer

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Help and Contributing

If you need help using this sprinkle or found any bug, feels free to open an issue or submit a pull request. You can also find me on the UserFrosting Chat most of the time for direct support. You can also contribute to this sprinkle by buying me coffee.


Edit UserFrosting app/sprinkles.json file and add the following to the require list : "lcharette/uf_markdownpages": "^1.0.0". Also add MarkdownPages to the base list. For example:

    "require": {
        "lcharette/uf_markdownpages": "^1.0.0"
    "base": [

Run composer update and php bakery bake to install the sprinkle.

Features and usage

Running tests

This sprinkle comes supports automated testing. Before submitting a new Pull Request, you need to make sure all tests are a go. With the sprinkle added to your UserFrosting installation, simply execute the php bakery test command to run the tests.


By Louis Charette. Copyright (c) 2018, free to use in personal and commercial software as per the MIT license.


  • Add basic permissions to pages
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support for partial file (folder starting with an underscore, ie _header)