ddev integration for Acquia BLT

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This is an Acquia BLT plugin providing ddev integration.

This plugin is community-created and community-supported. Acquia does not provide any direct support for this software or provide any warranty as to its stability.


To create a new BLT project with ddev integration for local development, run the following commands, replacing mysite with your desired BLT project name:

composer create-project --no-interaction --no-install drupal/recommended-project mysite
cd mysite
sudo sed -i '' -e "s|web/|docroot/|g" composer.json
composer require --dev lcatlett/blt-ddev
blt recipes:ddev --no-interaction
ddev blt setup

Installation and usage

To use this plugin on your existing BLT 12 project, you must be using ddev v1.10.0 or newer.

You can check your version of ddev with ddev version.

In your project, require the plugin with Composer:

composer require --dev lcatlett/blt-ddev

Initialize the ddev integration by calling recipes:ddev, which is a custom BLT command provided by this plugin:

blt recipes:ddev

Running blt recipes:ddev will initialize a .ddev folder as well as BLT configuration in the /blt directory of your project.

The plugin adds a custom ddev command in the web container which makes the ddev blt command available. All blt commands should be prefixed with ddev to ensure it is executed within the docker container, for example:

ddev blt setup

ddev blt tests

ddev blt sync

ddev blt sync --environment=ci

BLT Enhancements

Behat configuration

BLT makes some assumptions about the local development environment which informs behat testing configuration. This plugin extends the default blt behat command to run behat tests in a container as a dedicated service via the ddev blt behat command.