Configurator Library for the Laswitch Core Framework

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The coreConfigurator class is a PHP implementation for managing configuration files in a simple JSON-based format. It provides an interface for adding, deleting, getting, and setting configurations in these files.


  • Simple configuration management: The class provides a straightforward way to manage configurations for an application. It uses JSON structured files to store configurations, making it easy to read and write settings using native PHP functions.
  • Reusability: The class can be easily integrated into any PHP project that requires configuration management. It's not tied to a specific framework or project structure, so developers can reuse the class across multiple projects.
  • Modularity: The class allows developers to organize configurations into separate files, promoting modularity and making it easier to manage application settings. Each file can be dedicated to a specific part of the application, reducing the risk of conflicts between settings.
  • Flexibility: The class provides a simple API to add, get, set and delete configurations. Developers can extend or modify the class to add more advanced features or adapt it to their specific needs.


This software is distributed under the MIT license.


  • PHP >= 8.0


Please disclose any vulnerabilities found responsibly – report security issues to the maintainers privately. See for more information.


Using Composer:

composer require laswitchtech/core-configurator

How do I use it?

Review the Documentation.