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1.0.0 2017-09-24 11:25 UTC


Use Package development in your local projects.

Structure your applications functionality into modules and autoload the packages ServiceProviders.

Install and Setup

  1. Run composer require lassehaslev/laravel-modules.

  2. (Not needed in laravel 5.5) Add the following line to providers in config/app.php

  3. Ok, this step is very important: Add the following to your projects composer.json. If you do not, we cannot find out where your modules are loaded from.

    "extra": {
        "merge-plugin": {
            "include": [
            "recurse": true,
            "replace": false,
            "merge-dev": true,
            "merge-extra": false,
            "merge-extra-deep": false
  4. Now, run php artisan modules:make-folder to create modules folder.

Discover packages

Run php artisan package:discover-modules to find all packages.

This will discover vendor packages and package modules.

You should replace the discover function in composer to auto update every time you run a composer command.

"post-autoload-dump": [
    "@php artisan package:discover-modules"

Remember to run this command every time you create a new module.

Create local packages

I recommend you to use LasseHaslev/laravel-package-template to get a flying start to your local package.

Go to LasseHaslev/laravel-package-template quick package setup.


If you deside to change the place where your modules lives you must change path in composer.json extra.merge-plugin.include.

You must also overwrite the config for modules Config::set( 'modules.path', base_dir( 'your/new/path' ) )


# Install dependencies
composer install

# Install for running automatic tests

# Make Modules folders in orcestra to make tests work
mkdir vendor/orchestra/testbench-core/laravel/Modules

# Run one time
npm run test

# Automaticly run test on changes
npm run dev