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Package of Support for development on Laravel


composer require laravelha/support


  1. Model Traits
    • Tableable
    • RequestQueryBuildable

How Tableable works

Tableable configures models represented in the data table.



  1. Import the trait on model.
use Laravelha\Support\Traits\Tableable;

class Modelo extends Model {
  1. Add the trait within class.
class Modelo extends Model {
    use Tableable;
  1. Implement the getColumns method.
     * ['data' => 'columnName', 'searchable' => true, 'orderable' => true, 'linkable' => false]
     * searchable and orderable is true by default
     * linkable is false by default
     * @return array[]
    public static function getColumns(): array
        return [
            ['data' => 'id', 'linkable' => true],
            ['data' => 'title'],
            ['data' => 'subtitle'],
            ['data' => 'slug'],
            ['data' => 'content'],

The options 'searchable' and 'orderable' are 'true' by default, but 'linkable' is 'false', if not informed.

  1. On index action get the columns configuration.
public function index()
    $columns = Model::getColumns();

    return view('models.index', compact('columns'));
  1. Create data action on controller.
public function data()
    return Model::getDatatable();
  1. Create route for data action.
Route::get('/models/data', 'ModelController@data')->name('');
  1. Create table on index blade.
<table id="models-table">
            @foreach($columns as $column)
  1. Config script.
<script id="script">
    $(function () {
        var table = $('#models-table').DataTable({
            serverSide: true,
            processing: true,
            responsive: true,
            order: [ [0, 'desc'] ],
            ajax: {
                url: 'models/data'
            columns: @json($columns),
            pagingType: 'full_numbers'

How RequestQueryBuildable works?

RequestQueryBuildable makes behavior of SQL queries by parameters in the request.

  1. Use ?only separated by commas to filter columns like 'select' in SQL
query: only=field1;field2;field3...
  1. Use ?search with key and value to apply where or whereHas
query: ?search=key:value,key2:value2

class MyModel extends Model {
    public static function searchable() {
        return [
                'key' => 'operator',
                'key2' => 'operator',
    // ...model

define searchable method on model is needed and relationships are identified by dot relation.column

  1. Use ?operators to change search operator dynamically
query: field1:operator1
  1. Use ?sort to sort results
query: ?sort=field:direction;field2:direction
  1. Use ?with to load relation data separated by commas
query: relation1;relation2;relation3...