This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.
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Define a series of interconnecting screens that plug together as part of a continuous process.


1) Add the `Larasoft\Ecommerce\Checkout\CheckoutServiceProvider` service provider in app/config/app.php
2) Add the `Checkout` facade (`Larasoft\Ecommerce\Checkout\Facades\Checkout`) to the aliases array in `in app/config/app.php


1) Register a new checkout process using the Checkout facade
2) On the returned object, call `add` to add screens. The add method takes 4 parameters:
	a) The URL the screen will respond to
	b) The Screen class to use (resolved out the IoC container)
	c) An optional additional label to identify the screen
	d) Route parameters (uses, as, before, etc.)

For example:

$checkout = Checkout::register(['prefix' => 'checkout'], function($checkout)
	$checkout->add('/', 'LoginOrRegister', 'Start');
	$checkout->add('customer', 'CustomerDetails', 'Personal Info');
	$checkout->add('address', 'AddressSelection', 'Addresses');
	$checkout->add('billing', 'IframeBilling', 'Payment');
	$checkout->add('complete', 'OrderCompleted');

The above example will register the following URLs:

GET /checkout
POST /checkout
GET /checkout/customer
POST /checkout/customer
GET /checkout/address
POST /checkout/address
GET /checkout/billing
POST /checkout/billing
GET /checkout/complete
POST /checkout/complete


Screens must extend Larasoft\Ecommerce\Checkout\Screen and must define a view() method.

Additionally, a canSkip method is supported, which must return a boolean. If this method returns true, the screen will be skipped in the process.

Processing the screen

To define a processing action on the screen (hit when the screen URL is POSTed to, the screen class must implement Larasoft\Ecommerce\Checkout\Processable. This interface requires a process() method be defined.

Providing this method does not throw an instance of Larasoft\Ecommerce\Checkout\ValidationException, the checkout process will progress to the next screen upon completion.