Laminas API Tools interfaces

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This repository consists of interfaces used by Laminas API Tools that can be composed into standalone modules and libraries so that consumers may choose to opt-in to Laminas API Tools functionality.

General Usage

To mark a module as being an Laminas API Tools-enabled module, add the following interface to your Module:

use Laminas\ApiTools\Provider\ApiToolsProviderInterface;

class MyModule implements ApiToolsProviderInterface

At this point, this particular module should show up in the Laminas API Tools UI interface.


Please see the composer.json file.


Run the following composer command:

$ composer require laminas-api-tools/api-tools-provider

Alternately, manually add the following to your composer.json, in the require section:

"require": {
    "laminas-api-tools/api-tools-provider": "^1.0"

And then run composer update to ensure the module is installed.