Controller for the Lagan position property.

v1.1.0 2017-02-08 08:40 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 03:11:55 UTC



Lagan Position Property Controller

Controller for the Lagan Position property.

Makes room for the newly positioned Redbean bean by updating the positions of other beans, and returns the new position of the bean.

To be used with Lagan. Lagan lets you create flexible content objects with a simple class, and manage them with a web interface.

The position property as an optional manytoone key in the property array. With this key, you can set the position relative to the opject the current object has a many-to-one relation with, like this: 'manytoone' => 'page'

Lagan is a project of Lútsen Stellingwerff.