PHP class to help string manipulation

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string-utils is a static PHP class to help string manipulation. It adds methods to extract the start or the end of a string, tests if a string starts or ends with an other string, and camelize or underscore string.


composer require lag/string-utils


Return start or end of a string


use LAG\Component\StringUtils\StringUtils;

StringUtils::start('War of Stars', 3); // War
StringUtils::end('War of Stars', 3); // ars

Tests start or end of a string


use LAG\Component\StringUtils\StringUtils;

StringUtils::endsWith('Jedi', 'i'); // true
StringUtils::endsWith('Jedi', 'edi'); // true
StringUtils::endsWith('Jedi', 'Sith'); // false 
StringUtils::endsWith('Jedi', 'S'); // false 

StringUtils::startsWith('Laser', 'L'); // true
StringUtils::startsWith('Laser', 'Las'); // true
StringUtils::startsWith('Laser', 'Force'); // false
StringUtils::startsWith('Laser', 'F'); // false

Camelize and underscore a string


use LAG\Component\StringUtils\StringUtils;

StringUtils::camelize('my little jedi'); // returns MyLittleJedi
StringUtils::underscore('my little jedi'); // returns my_little_jedi